Tegla double fit Picture glass anti-glare view, no  Newton-Rings

TEGLA® Double Fit.

Versatile glazing of artwork with dual benefits.

You want a versatile product that meets the needs of both private customers and professionals in the same way? With TEGLA® Double Fit we offer exactly that: a product with dual benefits.


The double side structure on the glass surface allows an anti-glare view on the glazed object and optimized transparency while preventing the adhesion to glossy surfaces, such as glossy photos on glass. Thus the presence of the so called Newton-Rings (disturbing visual effects due to adhesion on glossy surfaces) can be avoided so that the glass can be used with or without a passepartout or spacer. 


Twice as good and useful feature is that the confusion between the front and back side of the glass can be avoided by the double side structured product – easy and uncomplicated application is guaranteed.



TEGLA®-Double Fit (left) vs. float glass (right)

The advantages of TEGLA® Double Fit are:

  • Prevention of Newton-Rings (disturbing visual effects due to adhesion on glossy surfaces) by direct glazing
  • improved transparency and high color rendering, despite the double side structure
  • Low reflection, no mirror effects
  • compared to single side structured picture framing products, no risk of confusion during glazing of your artwork
  • Protection from dust, humidity and environmental influences
  • Extremely durable and scratch-resistant glass surface
  • Simple and easy cleaning


Standard dimensions are available for immediate delivery from stock.

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Further information and technical data can be found in our data sheet TEGLA® Double Fit.


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