TEGLA® Classic – anti-glare picture framing glass with high color rendering

TEGLA® Classic New Generation.

Perfect presentation of your artwork.

You want to view your favorite photos or artworks in true color and free of annoying reflections?
TEGLA® Classic New Generation picture framing glass allows you a reflection free and particularly true color presentation of your picture.


The extra fine structured glass surface of TEGLA® Classic New Generation enables high color rendering with significantly reduced reflection without any matt effect. With our unique etching process reflected light is scattered in all directions so that only a minor part of the total reflection is perceived by the eye.


This effective form of light scattering increases the enjoyment of your artwork. In addition, TEGLA® Classic New Generation makes it possible to present your artwork even in strong ambient light.



TEGLA® Classic New Generation (left)
vs. float glass on the right


Advantages of TEGLA® Classic New Generation:

  • Low reflection, no mirror effects
  • High color rendering
  • Protection from dust, humidity and environmental influences
  • Extremely durable and scratch-resistant glass surface
  • Simple and easy cleaning



Standard dimensions are available for immediate delivery from stock.

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For more detailed information and technical characteristics please see our datasheet TEGLA® Classic.


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